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“Sarah Shook and the Disarmers are the best thing to emerge from country music in the last ten years and Sidelong is the best album released, in any genre, so far this year.”



“…a sneering fusion of punk-rock autonomy and

say-it-like-it-is country from the classic era, paired with

a timeless vocal warble and tons of attitude. Honest to a

fault and as foul-mouthed as a drunken sailor, she’s a nonconforming spitfire who’s proud of not fitting in

with mainstream country music.”


Sidelong is raw and raunchy fuck-or-fight music…With

Sarah Shook in the mix, hard core country is alive and well, and dangerous as all get out.



“Who knows what whims govern the exiled ghost of authentic country as it scans the fruited plain looking for souls to possess…BUT it found Sarah Shook in North Carolina, and her destiny was inescapable.”



“she delivers her songs with the brass of someone who has

lived the lines she sings. That’s not to mistake the

singer for the song, but it’s a rare vocalist that sings

with such conviction and hits so hard on the first

impression. Sarah Shook and the Disarmers are a

rare and wonderful thing, and Sidelong could be a promise

of even better things to come.”



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Sarah Shook and The Disarmers$10.60Seats at tables re first come first serve. Tables nearest stage may be removed for standing room, thank you!

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