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New Year’s Eve Show!!

Joslyn Hampton and her band, The Sweet Compression, combine to deliver the powerhouse vocalist’s debut album, a hook-filled mix of funk and R&B-flavored pop, to be released in the fall of 2016. Anchored by veterans (guitarist Marty Charters and bassist Smith Donaldson), and featuring exciting young talent (Rashawn Fleming on drums, Steve Holloman on keyboards, Rae’Shawna Campbell and Terea Kennedy on backing vocals), the band will be supporting the record with live shows throughout the summer and fall.

Who's Attending

9 people are attending Joslyn and The Sweet Compression New Year’s Eve!

  • Michael Harned
  • Cathy Doll


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Joslyn and The Sweet Compression$10.60Seats at tables are first come first serve. Tables nearest stage will be removed for dance space, thank you!

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