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I had to live in Nashville to make this album, and inevitably find influence from the incredible songwriters and sideman I’ve been blessed to work with. All of these people influenced my record and have shaped me into the guitarist, singer and songwriter I am today.  The reality is I could not have made this record ten years ago when I was in High School, even though that’s all I wanted to do at the time. It’s been an incredible two years.” From an early age music has been a part of his life.  He offers, “I am personally drawn to themes of the old west.  My family used to camp yearly in the Mojave Desert, and as a child I would explore the cliffs of the campground and visit ghost towns, old mines and hiking trails. Inevitably, I play music because of these yearly camping trips. On one of those family vacations, I saw somebody playing a guitar around a campfire. It seemed like such mystical and magical thing to me that the image stuck around in my brain from that point on. I remember wanting a guitar as soon as I returned from that camping trip. To this day I still love visiting and travelingthrough the desert so the imagery that goes with all that is very present in the music.” Kropp is an American Authentic.  Song to song, it is apparent that he is consciously aware of who he is, and what he aims to represent.  He tracked this album with a keen sense of what he wanted it to become.  Letting the songs breathe in creation and avoiding the trap of forcing solos in where a song was stronger without them.  He reveals, “The repertoire at times called for pianoor steel guitar fills instead of a blaring guitar solo on every song. and I could not be happier withthe feel we created in the studio bringing these songs to life.  I truly hope those that hear thiscollected body of work view me as a well-rounded musician, compelling singer and songwriter.”


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