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The Low Counts are an Americana/Roots/Rock duo. Their original music is a hodge podge of the all of the music that influences them the most, finding the Low Counts effortlessly combining early 40’s and 50’s Mississippi/Urban/Piedmont Blues, 50’s Sun Records styled Rock/Rockabilly, Psychedelia, 60’s Garage Rock, 70’s Stoner Rock, old Country, Stax Soul, Hip-Hop or whatever else he can find to throw in the pot. As long as it comes out of the mash-up sounding original, real, fresh and if it rocks, it gets the stamp of approval. This duo isn’t easy to categorize, but one thing anyone could agree on is that whatever comes out of it, it’s always no-nonsense, raw, energetic, primal and coming from many music avenues at once, weaving them into one unique sound.

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